Conference on Young People, the Faith, and Vocational Discernment

Be a part of this enriching opportunity to hear first-hand about the results of the recent Synod! Our guest conference speakers, His Grace Bishop Lionel Gendron (Synod Father and President of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops), and Miss Emilie Callan (Synod Auditor) will share from their own experience as Synod members. They will journey with us to see how this Synod invites our Church in Manitoba to grow in our work and ministry with young people. This day-long conference will offer a time for reflection, prayer, and also for small group discussions, inviting participants to network and discern together where God is calling local initiatives to grow and continue to serve young people. SCROLL DOWN TO REGISTER

This exciting conference is open to everyone, with particular interest for those involved with young people, especially those involved in youth ministry, catechetics, vocation ministry, spiritual accompaniment, Catholic schools, and parish leadership. 


DATE: Saturday, March 30th, 2019

  • Doors open at 9:00 am
  • Conference officially starts at 9:30 am
  • Conference will come to a close with the parish Saturday anticipated Mass at 5pm


St. John XXIII Parish
3390 Portage Ave, Winnipeg, MB
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Lunch and snacks will be provided!


$30 per participant ($40 at the door)
Including all conference fees and materials and lunch and snacks throughout the day.


Although this conference has a particular appeal to people involved, either directly or intercity with young people, it is open to all.


You will have the option to register more than one person

Please indicate any additional information we may need, such as: dietary concerns/allergies, any physical needs you may have which we could provide for, or any other important details.

Conférence sur les jeunes, la foi, et le discernement vocationnel

Faites partie de cette opportunité enrichissante pour entendre de première main les résultats du récent Synode! Nos conférenciers, Monseigneur Lionel Gendron (Père synodal et Président de la Conférence des Évêques Catholiques du Canada), et Mlle. Emilie Callan (Auditrice au Synode) partagerons avec nous leur expérience comme membres du Synode. Ils chemineront avec nous pour découvrir la croissance à laquelle le Synod nous invite, comme Église au Manitoba, dans notre ministère et cheminement avec les jeunes. Cette conférence vous proposera des moments de réflexion, d'apprentissage, de prière, et des discussions en petits groupes, vous invitant ainsi à réseauter et à discerner ensemble comment le Seigneur pourrait nous inviter à continuer à être au service des jeunes. Inscrivez-vous ci-dessous

Cette conférence est ouverte à toutes et à tous, et elle aura un intérêt particulier pour celles et ceux impliqués auprès des jeunes: en pastoral jeunesse, en catéchèse, en ministère vocationnel, en accompagnement spirituel, dans les écoles catholiques, et en leadership paroissial.

**Bien que le gros de la conférence sera offerte en Anglais, nos conférenciers sont tous les deux francophones et répondront avec joie à vos questions en Français. Nos petits groupes de discussion pourront également se faire en Français pour ceux qui le désirent.


DATE: Samedi 30 mars 2019

  • Les portes ouvriront à 9 h
  • La conférence sera officiellement lancée à 9 h 30
  • La conférence prendra fin avec la célébration de la messe dominicale à 17 h


Paroisse St. John XXIII
3390 ave. Portage, Winnipeg, MB
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Le dîner les les goûters seront fournis!


30 $ par participant(e) (40 $ à la porte)
Cela comprend tous les frais de conférence, les matériels requis, et la nourriture.


Bien que cette conférence porte un intérêt particulier aux gens impliqués soit directement, soit indirectement avec les jeunes, elle est ouverte à toutes et à tous.


Vous aurez l'option d'enregistrer plus d'une personne

Veuillez indiquer toute information supplémentaire qui pourrait être importante à savoir, tel que: besoins alimentaires/allergies, accommodements auxquels vous pourriez avoir besoin, ou tout autre détail important.


Conference 1: “He Walked with Them” – Emilie Callan

Does God surprise us, still today? Do we still believe God can work in big and mysterious ways, even in the seemingly darkest, most discouraging and hopeless of situations? During this conference, Emilie will invite us to take a look at the big picture, and to make an honest and frank assessment of where we are at today in our efforts with young people. We will take stock of all the good, and also examine together the difficulties we face, to discern how the Lord desires, today, to dwell in the midst of these challenges. She will remind us of the All-Powerful God who can still work in amazing ways, even when we feel most powerless in face of the difficulties of our world today, and propose concrete, practical insights as we look together to the future.


Conference 2: “Their Eyes Were Opened” – Bishop Lionel Gendron

Are young people really the future of our Church? Pope Francis suggests, rather, that they are the present. Any initiative, outreach or ministry with young people must first start with the inspiration of the Spirit. How is the Spirit currently working in our local Church? Through your church or community? Through you? Are we truly open to living a New Pentecost together with our young people? How can we best foster the growth of life-giving vocations in the lives of our young people while also completely and ultimately respecting their decision and the Spirit working in their heart? Young people are the here and now, and Bishop Gendron will help us discern how our own initiatives are of service to these young people, and discuss how we may look at improving these so as to see them to grow and bear much fruit through the Lord.


Conference 3: “They Left Without Delay” – Emilie Callan and Bishop Lionel Gendron

A key word of the recent Synod was ‘Synodality’. What does a spirit of synodality truly look like? How can this spirit live and thrive here at home? The Church is comprised of many members, all who have a responsibility towards it: young and old, lay and clergy, men and women, bishops and religious, all who have a voice, all through whom the Spirit is working. What concrete actions does the Synod invite us to consider, and which of these are appropriate in considering our realities here at home? How can we incarnate the Synod and this spirit of synodality we are called to? Do young people truly have a place in our Church today? If not, what must we do to make this so? 

Conference 4: PANEL DISCUSSION – Emilie Callan and Bishop Lionel Gendron

During this panel discussion, Bishop Gendron and Emilie will field questions from the assembly, aiming to clarify any questions or concerns that may remain. Through the day, participants will be invited to submit their questions, and our conference speakers will endeavour to answer them to the best of their knowledge, while also fielding additional spontaneous questions from the assembly, time permitting. 

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